Organizational Strategies

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Organizational Challenges? Solved!

Simply stated, we solve complex problems and help transform lives.

Do you struggle with employee dissatisfaction and retention?  Are you experiencing common organizational challenges such as ineffective governance, change management, and value-based implementation strategies? 

We understand your pain and can turn these barriers into building blocks. AllBe Health will help you gain insight and establish a plan of action for performance optimization and quality redesign, operational and digital strategies, and best practices to enhance culture and reputation.

Our expertise spans international organizations across multiple sectors, with particular emphasis on major healthcare and infrastructure systems throughout the United States and Europe.

We can help you transform your organization. From leadership and team development to system-level improvements, AllBe has a solution. Program management services are also available.

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System Optimization

AllBe combines decades of professional problem-solving experience from healthcare, engineering, and legal sectors for a multi-disciplinary approach to systems-thinking and organizational learning solutions.

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Strategic Planning

System performance and quality redesign

Change management / change leadership

Enhanced Culture and Reputation

AllBe understands the spectrum of organizational challenges that include employee health, safety, and happiness. We can help you transform your organization into a great place to work and practice!

Organizational needs assessments and improvement plans

Workplace satisfaction and retention strategies

Leadership Development

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Digital Strategies

Beyond previously leading statewide and national information technology programs at the largest health system in the United States, we are active certified experts in Value-Based Healthcare.

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Value-based implementation strategies

Interoperability, population health and public health 


Worldwide Contribution


AllBe contributes to global initiatives that elevate the consciousness of our planet. Our international expertise uniquely positions us to transform complex policy, organizational, and leadership challenges into building blocks for the future.

AllBe was honored to serve as a stakeholder in a Horizon Europe innovation project (initiatives funded through the European Commission). The project proposed AI-driven adaptive prediction of modifiable risk for personalized dementia prevention and brain health promotion. This international collaborative included other stakeholders from the World Health Organization, two national institutes, seven European universities, three foundations, and Barcelona Brain Research Center.

AllBe contributed to the following European Commission driven critical policy initiatives through the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS):

AllBe co-founded and co-led a global Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) collaborative with other VBHC experts from the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and India.

Most impactful and humbling, we were honored to support feeding thousands of Ukrainian Refugees in April 2022, onsite in Warsaw Poland through the World Central Kitchen. You can learn more about this important work and support this cause here!