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Personal Mastery Programs

In a world of vast suffering, how do we rise above it all to heal ourselves and the world?

This immersive experience will help you regain the strength, optimism, and confidence to live fully with purpose and meaning.

In this journey we deeply explore many transformative techniques, tools, and practices to help you live your absolute best version.

Choose from either intensive 6-week or immersive 6-month courses

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Transformational Courses

Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery Courses offer the deep connection of a cohort structure in a blended learning format.

Virtual course modules include live sessions, regular check-ins, and breakout group discussions. Coursework contains science-based interactive exercises, expert interviews, and current research.

Choose from either intensive 6-week or immersive 6-month courses. Both options are appropriate for all levels of self-development.

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“Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
-Howard Thurman

Personal Mastery Modules

Emotional Intelligence

Improve the way we understand ourselves, relate to others, and deal with challenges


Develop awareness, acceptance and gratitude to clear away obstacles in the mind


Restoration of body and mind in preparation for the journey ahead


Discover your foundations for meaning and purpose in life


Setting an intention and direction for the skillful art of living


Following your path to personal mastery

Personal Mastery Curriculum

Module one

Emotional Intelligence

The foundation for our journey of self-exploration begins with actionable strategies for understanding and developing emotional intelligence.

This module also begins a course-long gratitude practice. 

To strengthen immediate EQ development, asynchronous coursework contains comprehensive valuable resources, including key expert interviews, case studies, and current research. 

Class meets virtually, with an optional check-in. This blended learning structure continues with every module.

Module two


Suffering may be simply defined as wanting things to be different than they are. How can we develop awareness, acceptance, and gratitude to alleviate suffering for ourselves and others?

Mindfulness allows us to clear away obstacles within the mind, revealing the innate blissful wisdom that shines through each of us.

Content is suitable for all levels of meditation experience and compatible with all belief systems.

Module three


The very nature of our precious human birth includes a guaranteed degree of suffering. This is especially true during these uncertain times. How do we move forward to healing the suffering we have experienced?

This module promotes healing of personal, historic, and cultural traumas through integrative lifestyle practices. 

Coursework focuses on restorative techniques, resets unhealthy behavioral patterns, and challenges limiting beliefs. 

We provide strategies for building healthier mental models, forgiveness through compassion and empathy, balancing of vital mental, emotional, energetic, and physical bodies, along with digital wellbeing and transcending loneliness. 

Coursework also addresses behaviors and beliefs that shift us from addiction – past recovery – to a state of liberation.

Module four


Before we can develop a fulfilling roadmap for life, we must first understand our personal values. This foundational wisdom is critical to leading a meaningful and purpose-driven life filled with abundance.

Drawing from many ethics-based philosophies, we begin with an individual assessment for deeper personal awareness. 

Values are further refined through practices learned in earlier modules. 

Module five


In this module, we craft a personal vision underpinned by values. To achieve our ultimate "North Star" orientation, we must first answer key questions.

By adding the “what” (vision) to the “how” (values), we build a plan to achieve our “why” (purpose). A good dose of gratitude, humility, flexibility, and playfulness help us along the way.

Module six


Building on practices cultivated throughout the course, you are challenged to activate your personal mastery and bravely face the future.

During this final module, we examine intentions to skillfully engage in the art of living.

It has been said that the meaning of life is to find your gifts, and the purpose of life is to give your gifts away. In addition to discovering how to “follow your bliss”, we focus heavily on a greater purpose – serving others. 

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Communities of Practice

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Mindfulness Mentorship

We are honored to serve as mindfulness mentors at Cloud Sangha, an international organization that supports others in their spiritual practice.

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