Changing Your Mindset Will Change Your Life

Mindset is everything and changing it is often necessary to have a happier life.

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

This is a motto that Nicole Jarosinski, co-founder of AllBe, lives by daily. A mindset based on helping people drives Nicole’s entrepreneurial spirit now, but finding meaning and purpose was not always easy. 

Changing your mindset is a journey

Mindset: A Life-Changing Journey

Crisis often catalyzes change. When your life doesn’t align with your values, a persistent and growing feeling of suffering wears heavily on you.

Nicole felt that more and more, her work environment was becoming toxic for her. Having experienced both nonprofit and corporate jobs in multiple industries, Nicole felt like there were only two options: either make money or help people. Making money for certain employers involved taking advantage of customers and employees, which conflicted with Nicole’s values. However, nonprofits often continuously struggle for funding. 

Is it impossible to do both? Earn money by helping people?

The philosophy of Ikigai says it is possible. According to Ikigai, the intersection of an activity you are good at – which is meaningful and also earns a living – is the most fulfilling. In Okinawa, the Japanese “island of longevity”, residents boast extraordinarily long, healthy, and most importantly, happy lives. They swear by the Ikigai mindset as the key towards a purpose-driven, meaningful life. 

It is important to see the connection between your job and the positive impact you want to make. For Nicole, it was always important to see that her work was somehow helping people. When that visible connection became cloudy, change needed to happen. 

For Nicole, this meant changing not only her job but her whole life. She moved across the Atlantic Ocean to the Netherlands to live a life with purpose. And so the Ikigai mindset was placed at the heart of creating AllBe. 


Mindset Is Everything

Naturally, the meaningfulness of your job won’t be palpable every day. To maintain your motivation, it is important to remind yourself of the bigger picture of your job and make sure that it is still aligned with your values. Despite feeling like she’s still on the verge of helping people with her work on a large scale, Nicole also realizes that positively impacting lives can happen in every interaction with others.

Having awareness of your impact is the most rewarding, but sometimes it is not possible. You must change your mindset in these situations, which will in turn affect your outlook on life. It is important to be mindful and emotionally intelligent in situations of crisis-driven change. Whenever your mind starts wandering in the negative direction, ask yourself: is there a meaningful connection that I’m not seeing right now?

Wayne Dyer reminds us that, “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

It is simply a matter of tilting your head ever so slightly to gain a new perspective.

Changing your mindset requires a change in perspective

Adopt a Mindset Based on Your Purpose

Changing your mindset should begin with asking yourself some questions about what is most meaningful to you:

  • What brings you the most joy?
  • What are you most proud of?

Those answers will give insight into what you like and what you’re good at. If you’re not sure how to answer, try new things to find out what resonates with you. We are biologically wired for connection. Therefore, talking with other people and doing activities with them will also bring you closer to yourself

Nicole went through the process of finding meaning in her life and is continuously on that path. If you want to walk on this path as well, AllBe offers a 6-month immersive experience to help you regain your connection, strength, optimism, and confidence to fully embrace a purposeful and meaningful life. 


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